About Us

The idea for this blog came to us while we were on our honeymoon in the Outer Hebrides in March 2014. For one reason or another (sometimes business, but mostly leisure) we tend to travel quite a lot around the British Isles, and we share a love of discovering the weird and wonderful attractions, destinations and venues to be found in our (supposedly) tiny little country. It occurred to us, while we were enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Isle of Harris, that you can travel for hours and hours, moving through dramatically different landscapes, weather, accents, and even languages, yet still be in the United Kingdom. And that’s pretty cool.

The blog is a journal of our travels around our isles, with our impressions, opinions and stories.

Hannah PicHannah was born on Hadrian’s Wall to a Scottish mother and an English father. She is currently an academic writer specializing in medieval and contemporary popular culture, a writer of weird and dark fiction, treasurer of the Manchester Medieval Society, a local councillor, a radio presenter and an Avon lady. She likes cats, owls and marzipan.

Rob PicRob is an independent musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester. He’s released five EPs, and written the soundtracks for Impurity, Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict (2015, in production) and The Mask Within (2015, in production). He designs and fixes websites for small businesses. And he also likes cats, owls and marzipan.

Hic DragonesWhen they aren’t wandering around Britain or writing, Hannah and Rob run a small press called Hic Dragones, specializing in dark and strange fiction.



Disclaimer: Posts on this blog represent our personal opinions and reflections. We are not paid to review or advertise attractions or venues. Any information or links included in posts are correct at time of posting.


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